Discourse for Key Topic 2 (KT2): some Philosophical Problems of Astrology

Author: Dean, Dr. Geoffrey and Loptson, Peter
Abstract: Modern philosophers generally accept astrology as a source of sympathy and support, but they reject it as a source of knowledge. This matches the idea, introduced in KT1, that astrology can be viewed in two ways, one in terms of the purely subjective sat
Keywords: KT1, philosophy, value judgments, definitions of astrology
Notes:Key topics focus on crucial issues in astrological research. KT1(Vol.13(1)) covers the scientific approach andits relevance to astrology: KT2 (Vol.14(2)) covers some philosophical problems of astrology: KT3 (Vol 15(1)) coveries theories of astrology.
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research Into Astrology Volume 14 Issue 2 1995/1996 Pages 32 – 44

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