Planets, personality and ordinary people

Author: Gauquelin, Michel
Abstract: The hypothesis that ordinary (I.e., unexceptional) people should show a planetary effect in personality similar to that shown by famous people was tested by three studies involving, respectively, vocational interest (300 subjects), planetary psychology se
Keywords: Gauquelin, diurnal distribution, planetary traits, personality tests, EPQ, Eysenck
Notes:See also, “A Note on Michel Gauquelin’s “Suggestions for Study Ordinary People” by Prof. Hans Eysenck
Correlatiion, December 1982, Vol. 2(2) page 2 – 3. Gauquelin’s response page 3
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association research journal in astrology Volume 1 Issue 2 December 1981 Pages 4 – 14

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