Thieves, Victims and the Zodiac

Author: Denness, Bruce
The number of cars stolen in the Avon and Somerset Constabula1)’ area from owners of each of the twelve birth signs exhibits an approximately sinusoidal variation of one year period and amplitude approximately 10% of the monthly mean. The distribution of
Keywords: cars, thieves, owners, sinusoidal
Notes:Professor Christopher Bagley comments on this article on page 49 of Volume 19, Issue 1. In the Letters page of Volume 19, Issue 2 Dennis Elwell comments on this article and Bruce Denness replies. (pp62 -63
Errata noted: Figure 1 was repeated for Figure 2.
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology Volume 19, Issue 1 2000 pages 42 – 48

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