Title Was there ever a Samuel Hemmings?
Author Dean, Geoffrey
Address P.O. Box 466, Subiaco 6008, Western Australia
Publication Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue Volume 13 Issue 2
Date Northern Winter 1994/95
Pages Pages 17- 30
Keywords Samuel Hemmings, King George III, Richard Speer
The prosperous ironmonger Samuel Hemmings and King George III were supposedly born at the same hour and died at the same hour after lives showing striking similarities. The original source is said to be a death notice in the newspapers of February 1820 but such a notice could be found. However, a notice was found that mentioned a respectable furnishing ironmonger Richard Speer. It said he was born at the same hour as the King, died near the same time, and to show his loyalty he chose the same day to get married. It makes no menion of his prosperity or of similarities in their lives. But even the simulataneous birth and marriage may be in doubt, because there is no mention of Samuel Hemmings or Richard Speer in the baptism and marriage records for London in the International Genealogical Index. The probability of such a birth and death twin occurring by chancew when corrected for multiple endpoints is unremarkable. The life of George III is unusal, well documented and deserving of astrological study.

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