Research Grants for the Critical Study of Astrology (RGCSA) is an independent research body which has been created to encourage good standards of research in astrology and to promote the use of sound scientific methods in empirical studies. The Body’s aim is to stimulate and facilitate the critical study of astrology as judge by the disciplines of social statistics, sociology, psychology and cultural studies and to encourage and support inter-university and international collaboration on research into astrology. Originally funded by the Sophia Trust, it is now supported by private donations. Its' Convenor is Dr. Pat. Harris, editor of the Astrological Association research journal in astrology Correlation.

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Science, Astronomy & Cosmobiology - Internet Discussion Group.

At present there are three PhD MSc students attached to the group researching impact of intervened births on distribution of birth times, astrology, assumptions and world views underpinning astrology and its critics, and astrologers' attitudes towards the internet and their use of it.

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