Astrology-Research.net is run by the RGCSA (Research Grants for the Critical Study of Astrology)

Convenor of the RGCSA – Dr. Pat Harris, MSc, DFAstrolS.

Dr. Pat Harris

Pat is the editor emeritus of Correlation, the research journal in astrology and has a PhD and MSc in Health Psychology and diploma in astrological studies. She completed her doctoral research in the applications of astrology to health psychology. at the University of Southampton, UK in 2006 and was awarded her PhD in 2007. She now uses her researched model and also continues her research in her practice where she provides an international advice, counselling and support service for women with health issues (www.astrologyfertility.com)
Those interested should contact the group’s Convenor: pat@pataharris.com

Deputy Convenor of the RGCSA Mrs. Susan High, MSc., BSc.

Susan was a Principal Experimental Officer in the Social Statistics Division of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Southampton and is now retired. She is the Deputy Convenor of the RGCSA. Part of her role at the University of Southampton was to provide statistical advice to colleagues and students in the School of Social Sciences and the School of Health Professionals. Her expertise and experience continues to be a valuable asset to the RGCSA.