Links to Research into Astrology Sites & Resources

We are preparing a comprehensive list of links astrology research sites & resources. If you would like your site listed or want to recommended one please contact the group’s administrative assistant is Dr. Pat Harris- .

  • The Sophia Project
    The goal of the Project is to advance the scholarly study of astrology and cultural astronomy in British institutions of higher education. The project supports amongst other the following:
    • The Warburg Institute, University of London: A short-term research fellowship, the Sophia Fellowship provides funding to pursue research into any.htmect of the history of astrology or cultural astronomy in any period up till 1700.
    • The University of Kent at Canterbury: An undergraduate course – part of the study of Mysticism and Religious Experience.
    • Centre for the Study of Cultural Astronomy and Astrology will open, in its own premises, at Bath Spa University College. Its purpose is to promote the academic study of astrology and its practice, and to pursue research, scholarship and teaching on the relationship between cosmological, astronomical and astrological myths, beliefs and theories, and society, politics, religion and the arts, both past and present. It will offer an MA.
    • And us, The Research Group into the Critical Study of Astrology and our web site which you are on at present.

  • The Sophia Centre
    The Centre is an academic body within the School of Historical and Cultural Studies at Bath Spa University College. It is housed in the Sophia Centre (pictured). At present the department offers a Masters program in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. The department also accepts PhD research students and plans to develop BA modules within other disciplines at the University College.

  • RAMS (Astrological Research by Scientific Methods)
    RAMS is the only organisation in France to study astrology experimentally in a purely scientific manner,? says Vice-President, Suzel Fuzeau-Braesch, Docteur d’Etat es Sciences (D.Sc).
    The aim of RAMS is to encourage and develop research, study and analysis of observed statistical links between planetary phenomena of the solar system and human characteristics, both in the areas of personality assessment and the forecasting of events.
    Papers are published in its journal and details of these and the publication can be found on its website:

  • Kepler College
    Based in Seattle, Washington USA. Runs BA and MA degrees in Astrological Studies. The entire curriculum is based on astrology. Kepler’s first freshman class began in July 2000.

  • Correlation – Journal of Research into Astrology
    Published by the Astrological Association of Great Britain the journal publishes articles reporting empirical research into astrology, review articles, and those discussing methodological, conceptual and philosophical issues relating to astrology.

  • Culture and Cosmos – A Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy
    Published biannually and peer-reviewed the journal is devoted to the study of the history of astrology and cultural astronomy.