Can astrology predict E and N? 1. Individual factors

Author: Dean, Dr. Geoffrery
Abstract: To test whether astrology can predict E (extraversion) and N (emotionality) in ordinary people, subjects with extreme scores on the EPI were selected from 1198 subjects mostly from the southern hemisphere, all of whom had known birth times. The result was two replicate sets each with 54 extreme subjects for each of E+, E-, N+ and N-. The average pair of opposite extremes was roughly equivalent to the two most extreme persons in a random sample of 15 adults. The following factors were tested: tropical signs, decans, elements, sidereal signs, aspects, harmonics, hemisphere, Gauquelin plus zones and angularity, both individually and in combination. The latter excluded sidereal signs but included midpoints and Placidus houses. If astrology predicts that factor X indicates, say, E+, then the frequency of X should be higher in extreme E+ subjects than in extreme E- subjects. The results of 132 such tests, and a multiple discriminant analysis, showed that no factor performed consistently above chance level.
Keywords: EPI, extraversion, emotionality, multiple discriminant analysis Gauquelin zones, southern hemisphere
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research Into Astrology
Issue: Volume 5 Issue 1
Dated: 1985
Pages: Pages 3 – 17

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