Can triplicity predict accidental death? A pilot study

Author: Dr. Lance Storm
Abstract: The four triplicities or elements—Fire, Earth, Air, and Water—are said to influence or determine the typology and character of the native. This influence may have the quality of a bidirectional affinity, where (i) the element (determined from the sign of the native) may influence the native at birth and is therefore related to the native’s typology, and (ii) the native in turn may be drawn, or show an affinity towards his/her element environmentally (i.e., towards concrete forms) or psychologically (i.e., towards abstract forms). There is evidence supporting case (i), but for case (ii), the depth or extent of that affinity needs to be determined. In the present pilot study, it was hypothesised that if a native is to suffer an accidental death, then the native’s element indicates the nature of that death. Online databases of accidental deaths of prominent individuals were analysed to determine proportions of signs and elements. There was statistical evidence that the Water-related signs have a greater affinity for water-related deaths (i.e., drowning), but no specific evidence was found for the other elements. It is argued that Water signs are not accident prone, nor are they necessarily predisposed psychologically to water-related fates more often than the other signs, but merely suffer from over-representation in the relevant population (i.e., drowning victims) due to their astrological affinity for water.
Keywords: triplicities, elements, psychology, accidental deaths, water signs
Publication: Correlation journal of research in astrology
Issue: Vol 25 Number 1
Dated: 2007
Pages: 5 – 22

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