Empirical study of some astrological factors in relation to dog behaviour differences by statistical analysis and compared with humans

Author: Dr Suzel-Fuzeau Braesch and Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denis
Abstract: A survey comprising 500 pedigree dogs was realised in the Paris region. For each dog six behavioural traits were determined and ten of their astrological traits were retained. A statistical interpretation of the possible relationships between the two sets of traits was performed with permutation tests. Two strong associations were detected between the angular positions of Jupiter and the Sun, and the extraversion dominant trait. Other associations were also suggested. Remarkably, these associations are similar to standard indications proposed by astrology for humans.
Keywords: pedigree dogs, Gauquelin, Schumann resonance, solar, professional, dogs and humans, permutation test
Publication: Correlation journal of research in astrology
Issue: Vol 25 Number 1
Dated: 2007
Pages: 23 – 34

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