Leo Knegt – A white Crow Beyond Our Wildest Dreams?

Author: Smit, Rudolf H.
Abstract: Leo Knegt (1882-1957) was one of the Netherlands’s most eminent astrologers. When tested in a 1933 blind trail by the lawyer Cornelis van Rossem, his interpretations were found to be both accurate and at times amazingly specific, certainly more specific than most astrologers today would consider possible. In effect, Knegt seems to have been an astrological white crow, living proof of the impossible. So the big question is how did Knegt do it? What was the secret of his success? The author suggests that this is simply not known and goes to state that if it were, it could revolutionise astrological practice and research. In this article, the author looks at the blind trial in detail, giving examples of Knwegt’s specific interpretations and the charts they were based on, and asking the readers of Correlation for help in trying to find out how Knegt did it.
Keywords: Leo Knegt, blind trial, white crow, Cornelis van Rossem
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research Into Astrology
Issue: Volume 16 Issue 1
Dated: 1997
Pages: Pages 3 – 18

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