New Research in Personality and Astrology

Author: Roberts, Prof. Peter
Abstract: The author argues for an alternative model of how astrology works. He proposes that only a few percent of people are “enhancers” or “starborn” and for those people astrological indicators work well. This theory accords closely with the Gauqulelin findings and also with his own work on time-twins. Finally, he presents evidence from questionnaire research that the starborn (as a small proportion) can be found among “ordinary people” by discerning planetary traits from their answers to carefully selected questions. It is suggested that the significance of this work would be much enhanced by independent replication.
Keywords: enhancers, starborn, planetary traits
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 18, Issue 1
Dated: 1999
Pages: Pages 21 – 31

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