New thoughts on sunspots

Author: Ken Gillman
Abstract: This is a critical comment on the work of Professor Edward Dewey (see “The 9.22 year cycle on grasshopper abundance, Correlation old edition 5 Autumn 1969) on sunspot influence where Dewey concluded from a study involving the analysis of economic and sociological cycles, that the main sunspot cycle was 22.22 years, double the length that had normally been hitherto assumed. Gillman exhorts astrologers to give attention to the intervals occurring between successive planetary conjunctions in this new sunspot cycle as this may lead, eventually, to an explanation of how planets are able to exert an influene upon life on earth.
Keywords: harmonics, phase, amplitude, sunspot cycle, Dewey, Neptune, Pluto, outer planet, conjunction, econom
Publication: Correlation old edition
Issue: 4
Dated: Summer 1969
Pages: 6- 8

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