On the relationship between urbanisation and the spread of popular belief systems: a comment on Prof. Ertel’s paper in corrrelation 19(2)

Author: Wunder, Edgar
Abstract: The author challenges the supposition that the belief systems proposed by Dean (2000) should be more pronounced in rural than urban areas and uses empirical data to demonstrate the validity of that challenge. Rural-urban disparities in the percentage of people who agree to the item “Good luck charms sometimes do bring good luck” (results based on answers from n = 14395 respondents from 12 different countries) suggest that rural people are not more superstitious than those from urban areas. The implications of this are discussed.
Keywords: superstition, rural-urban disparities. Ertel. Dean. Belief systems.
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1
Dated: 2001/2002
Pages: Pages 37 – 41

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