Results of the Knegt Follow-up Test

Author: Smith, Rudolf H.
Abstract: In Volume 16 Issue 1 the author published an article about the 1933 test of Dutch master astrologer Leo Knegt that was conducted by the Dutch lawyer Cornelis Petrus van Rossum. In this article, astrologers are asked to participate in two follow-up tests. Test 1 was about finding and describing significators. Test 2 was a standard matching test. In test 1 only two readers participated. They did not agree on the singificators that Knegt might have sued. This fact as well as the very low degree of participation made this test a failure. In test 2, i.e., trying to match Knegt’s descriptions with five of the ten horoscopes Knegt had to deal with, 21 astrologers from all over the world took apart. The results: if all astrologers had scored correctly, there would have been 105 hits but there were only 29hits against 21 expected by chance alone. On an individual level, only two astrologers managed to get three right out of five horoscopes. The majority only one out of five. Experienced astrologers did not score better than beginners. This is very disappointing given the fact that in the original test Leo Knegt had scored ten out of ten.
Keywords: The Knegt test
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research Into Astrology
Issue: Volume 17 Issue 2
Dated: 1998/99
Pages: pages 72 – 75

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