Seasonal cycles in the GAuquelin data follow geomagnetic indices: further support for solar influences in professional data (Part 1)

Author: Graham Douglas
Abstract: The literature on cyclic variations in birth rates is reviewed with special focus on material not cited by Michel Gauquelin. This is considered together with the literature on variations in the geomagnetic field and on the Schumann Resonance (SR), with a view to identifying points of interest for further studies of the Gauquelin heredity and professional databases. It is concluded that SR is unlikely to be a candidate for explaining the Gauquelin Effect but that the so-called Solar Quiet Day Variations are worthy of further investigation. With this in mind two studies have been undertaken, the first of which is reported here: an investigation of seasonal factors in the professional database using the sun’s zodiac position. Each professional group as a whole shows annual or semi-annual variations in birth rates near the solstices, while subsets filtered by the sector position of a Gauquelin planet reveal strong and unexpected variations close to the equinoxes.
Keywords: cyclic variations, births, Gauquelin,solar,Schumann Resonance
Publication: Correlation journal of research in astrology
Issue: Vol 25 Number 1
Dated: 2007
Pages: 35 – 50

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