Self-attribution as a moerator variable in differential pscyhology: replication and interpretation of Eysenck’s astrology/personality correlations

Author: Pawlik, Kurt and Buse, Lothar
Abstract: A test of the hypothesis that the relationship between astrological birth sign and personality differences in extraversion and neuroticism (as reported by Mayo, White and Eysenck) can be explained in terms of self-attribution of personality descriptions is presented. Responses of n = 799 adult subjects to two questionnaires (German version of the Eysenck Personality Inventory: Belief in and Familiarity with Astrology) were analysed in several analyses of variance, with belief in astrology being one of the independent variables. An explanation of the Mayo-White-Eysenck results in terms of attribution theory was essentially verified.
Keywords: Belief in astrology, attribution theory, questionnaire methods, implicit personality theory, Eysenck
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 4 Issue 2
Dated: 1984
Pages: Pages 14 – 30

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