The Accuracy of Astrologers’ Keywords: part 1 – A re-analysis of some Gauquelin data

Author: Startup, Dr. Michael
Abstract: This article presents a re-analysis of some recently published data from a study of astrologers’ keywords. The study was by Francoise Gauquelin who, it is argued, seriously underestimated the significance of some of her results. It is shown that chi-squared analyses of the agreement between 14 astrologers and the Gauquelins’ independently derived lists of planetary traits for four of the planets, yield extremely significant results for all of the astrologers, both ancient and modern. In addition, the data are analysed by means of Cohen’s kappa to give measures of agreement which are appropriately corrected for chance expected agreement. Finally, kappa is used to make a comparison between the reliability of astrological diagnosis of the planets’ effects and a related field, psychiatric diagnosis of clinical syndromes. See also Letters, “Statistical significance tests” Vergo Correlation Vol, 2 Issue 2 pages 38 – 40 and Letters Statistical significance tests” Startup Correlation Vol.3 Issue 1 1983 page 51.
Keywords: Gauquelin, planetary traits, Moon, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,chi-squared analyses, agreement, psychiatric
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 1 Issue 1
Dated: 1981
Pages: Pages 36 – 43

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