The Remarkable Gauquelin Distribution

Author: Roberts, Prof. Peter
Abstract: The Gauquelin distributions for professionals are examined and the chance of finding such close clustering of the phase angles for the 3rd and 4th harmonics is shown to be very small. An experiment of simulating “noise” addition to the data (to resemble the tampering noted by Dean) is described and it is shown that the phase angles are robust against noise. A speculation by Addey that the 3rd and 4th harmonics represent subsets of one population is examined, and it is shown that the ratios of the amplitudes of the 3rd and 4th harmonics for each of the professional groups varies widely (as would follow if Addy’s speculation is true).
Keywords: tampering, Gauquelin, harmonics, distributions
Notes:The paper referred to, in the abstract, by Dr. Geoffrey Dean is titled “Attribution: a persuasive new artifact in the Gauquelin data” can be found at the website address:
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 20 Issue 1
Dated: 2001/2002
Pages: pages 53 – 57

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