The Start of the Age of Aquarius

Author: Campion, Nick
Abstract: The notion that the Age of Aquarius is either beginning or is imminent is frequently found in astrological literature. However, there is no agreement either on when it begins or how its inauguration is to be calculated. By the normally accepted definition the Age begins when the First Point of Aries in the tropical zodiac precesses either into the equal thirty degree division of the sidereal sign of Aquarius or into the unequal sidereal constellation of Aquarius. The moment this occurs will depend on exactly where the boundary of this sign or constellation is fixed. Opinion varies considerably .from school to school and astrologer to astrologer, as witnessed by the wide variations in Ayanamshas (the difference between O degrees Aries in the tropical and sidereal zodiacs) in use in India and elsewhere. In addition, western astrologers increasingly point to planetary movements in the tropical zodiac to define the beginning of the Age.
Keywords: First Point of Aries, sidereal, tropical, Age of Aquarius
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research In Astrology
Issue: Volume 19, Issue 1
Dated: 2000
Pages: pages 7 – 16

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