Urinary retention and the lunisolar cycle: is it a lunatic phenomenon?

Author: Payne S R, Deardon, D J, Abercrombie G F, Carlson, G L
Abstract: Objective: to determine whether a relationship between urinary retention and temporal rhythms exists. Design: retrospecive analysis of patients presenting over three years. Setting: urology departments in two hospitals. Patients: 815 patients presenting as emergency admissions with urinary retention and requiring immediate decompression of the bladder. Main outcome measures: calendar date of each admissionto determine circadian, monthly, and seasonal periodicity. Results: no association was found between urinary retention and circadian,monthly, or seasonal fhythms. A significantly higher (p<0.001) incidence of urinary retention was observed during the new moon in compariosn with other phases of the lunar cycle. Conclusion: urinary retention is periodic in nature. This should be considered when the workload of a specialist urological department is organised.
Keywords: urinary retention, temporal rhythms, bladder, circadian, monthly, seasonal periodicity, lunar cycle,
Publication: British Medical Journal
Issue: Vol 299
Dated: 1989
Pages: 1560-2

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