An Astrological Prognostication to Duke Cosimo de’ Medici of Florence

Author: Claudia Rousseau
Abstract: The Italian High Renaissance saw the high point of the use of astrology in the timing of both military and political events. It is known that Cosimo I de’ Medici, Duke of Florence, delayed the decisive battle in his war against Siena in 1554, against the advice of his commanders in the field. A previously unpublished astrological prognostic may have influenced his military strategy which, in fact, led to his eventual victory at Marciano on 2 August 1554. This paper presents a discussion of the circumstances surrounding the campaign, and a translation and analysis of the prognostic sent to Duke Cosimo in March 1554 by the astrologer Francesco Formiconi.
Publication: Culture and Cosmos
Issue: Vol 3 No 2
Dated: Autumn/Winter1999
Pages: 31 – 59

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