Can astrology predict E and N? 2. The whole chart

Author: Geoffrey Dean, PhD
Abstract: To test whether astrologers using the whole chart can predict E (extraversion) and N (emotionality) in ordinary people, the charts of 160 subjects with extreme scores on the EPI were judged by 45 astrologers from beginners to recognised experts. The atrologers judged the direction (+ or -) of E and N, and indicated how confident they were in each judgement. As a control another 45 astrologers made the same judgements by simply guessing. The result was 5400 judgements each of E and N, the same number of controle judgemenrts, anda further 1500 judgements from a sub-test of 39 astrologers and 14 palmists. For both E and N the agreement among astrologers was very poor (mean kappa .10 for direction and .01 for confidence), and the hit rate was at chance level (mean 50.3% vs 51.0% for controls vs 50% expected by chance), showing if anything that judgements were made worse by looking at charts. Judgements made with high confidence were no better than those made with low confidence. Supposedly crucial factors such as technique, experience, use of intuition, and birth data accuracy made no difference.
Keywords: astrology, cold reading, emotionality, EPI, extraversion, intuition, palmistry, reliability, self-at
Publication: Correlation Jouranl of research into astrology
Issue: Vol 5 number 2
Dated: 1985
Pages: pp 2-24

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