Astrological factors and personality: cross cultural validation in children

Author: Mohan, J., Bhandari, A. and Sehgal, M*
Abstract: This study reports a test of the astrological prediction that extraversion is increased by being born with the Sun in one of the odd-numbered tropical zodiacal signs, and introversion by being born with the Sun in one of the even-numbered zodiacal signs. Also tested was the hypothesis that greater emotionality is linked to being born with the Sun in one of the so-called water signs. A sample of 572 Indian boys and 618 Indian girls were administered the Junior Personality Inventory and their birth dates ascertained. Results supported the prediction for neuroticism for boys and girls separately and jointly. But the hypothesis concerning Extraversion was not supported in the total sample.
Keywords: Personality, astrology, extraversion, neuroticism, children, JPI, prior knowledge, cultural
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 2 Issue 1
Dated: June 1982
Pages: Pages 10 – 16

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