The astrologers’ keywords re-analysed – part III

Author: Gauqueline, F.
Abstract: In Correlation 1, 1, I was accused by Michael Startup of having under-estimated the results of several astrologers’ description of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn’s psychological meaning. He contests one expected value of 50% and estimates it at 20%. The statistical reasons for my estimation of the expected value are described here, together with the diffiuclties of working statistically with psychological trait words, which explains the somewhat complicated method used to measure the accuracy of astrologers’ keyqords adopted in the second test in my booklet.
Keywords: Astrology, Gauquelin, trait words, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 2 Issue 1
Dated: June 1982
Pages: Pages 33 – 36

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