Astrology and individuality in chronic pain management

Author: Pat Harris
Abstract: A literature review is presented which gives a brief overview of the use of astrology in medicine and psychology. Report of a study carried out at an NHS UK Hospital involving the use of astrological counselling with chronic pain patients (n = 6 patients) is also given and includes the presentation of two case studies. Astrological profiles of the patients and the history of their chronic pain were presented to the clinical psychologist in charge of the programme, who then compared them with the psychological profiles. The psychologist concluded that astrological information was provided which enhanced understanding obtained by traditional psychological methods and that the analyses, themselves, were comparable with the results of psychological analyses.
Keywords: Keywords: astrological counselling, psychology, pain, individuality, personality, astrology and medi
Publication: Correlation Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Vol 22 No. 1
Dated: 2004
Pages: 5 – 23

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