Astrology and Science: Two Worldviews Searching for a Synthesis

Author: Jesús Navarro
Abstract: The astrological worldview takes for granted an interrelated wholeness to which humanity belongs, a systemic totality having harmony, resonance and tuning as primal characteristics. On the contrary, modern science assumes a paradigm in which separateness, reductionism and empirical positivism implies the strangeness between human (the observer-knower) and universe (the observed reality). This thesis-antithesis antagonism is searching for a synthesis capable of solving its contradiction into complimentarity, giving rise to a new paradigm rooted in a human-cosmos integrated vision without losing the explicative success of modern science. Twentieth century research, both in science and astrology, has begun to pave the way towards such an emergent worldview. This paper offers a glimpse at all of this.
Keywords: inter-related wholeness, resonance, paradigm, emperical positivism
Publication: Astrology and the Academy: papers from the inaugural conference of the Sophia Centre

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