From Allegory to Anagoge: The Question of Symbolic Perception in a Literal World

Author: Angela Voss
Abstract: This paper will discuss the relevance of the ‘four levels of interpretation’ of medieval theology – literal, allegorical, moral, anagogical – to the teaching of astrology at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In an educational system increasingly bound to positivist assumptions a way is required to lead students to a deeper perception, and experience, of the symbolic. This system unlocks the door to a hermeneutic of divination and magic relevant and accessible to beginners in this field, yet grounded in philosophical and theological tradition.
Keywords: medieval theology, literal, allegorical, moral, anagogical, positivism, symbolic, hermeneutic, divin
Publication: Astrology and the Academy: papers from the inaugural conference of the Sophia Centre (published by C
Dated: 2004
Pages: 1 – 9

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