Astrology and social sciences: looking inside the black box of astrology theory

Author: Ken McRitchie
Abstract: Astrology texts provide details of astrological practice and interpretation, but astrology theory has not been well described. One approach to theory is to consider astrology as a study of natural symmetries rather than a study of causal interactions. Simplified versions of astrological frames of reference bear a suggestive resemblance to various patterns of personality and behaviour that are identified within the social sciences, particularly those that deal with shared values, skills, and beliefs. Astrological operations within these frames of reference suggest similarly identifiable patterns of love, development, and a mechanism of psychological projection. A research program of further study should confirm and account for these similarities through a cross-disciplinary analysis and correlation of empirical findings.
Keywords: astrology, theory,causal interactions, personality, behaviour, psychological projection
Publication: Correlation journal of research in astrology
Issue: Vol 24 Number 1
Dated: 2006
Pages: 5 – 20

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