Astrology, symbolism and science: a commentary

Author: Prof. Christopher Bagley
Abstract: The methodologies of social science, particularly those advanced by Eysenck and Nias in their review of critiques of astrological studies, are commended. Since there will be multiple factors influencing behavioural outcomes over the lifefspan, very large subject pools are necessary in order to estimate the contribution of various non-astrological factors. An aproach to human action derived from the work of Parsons is advocated, considering simultaneously cultural, social system, personality and cosmobiological (including astrological) influences. Despite numerous interacting forces influencing human action, it is choices that are determined, not the action itself. Ultimately, we are free agents and our actions are not “written in he stars”.
Keywords: Eysenck, cultural, cosmobiological, symbolism
Publication: Correlation Journal of Researach in Astrology
Issue: Volume 21 Number 1
Dated: 2002/2003
Pages: pp 30-33

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