The six geometric figures test: an attempted replication on 600 answers

Author: Michel Gauquelin
Abstract: Suggestive evidence for a diurnal effect of the Moon was recently published by Francoise Gauquelin using a non-verbal test filled out by 500 ordinary people. The present study is an attempt to replicate the results using a fresh sample of 600 answers rated by three judges who had rated the answers of the previous experiment. The judges’ ratings showed good agreement but no lunar effect was found. For the five Gauquelin planets (MO, VE, MA, JU and SA) the frequency in sectors 1 + 4 + 7 = 10 was not significantly different from chance for answers judge to beeither “extraverted” or “imaginative”. The results were no different for the Moon in sectors 1 + 4 only, for those answers for which all judges were in agreement, or for sub-sets of the answers. The failure to replicate may be due to a lack of validity in the test. Recommendations are made for a better methodology.
Keywords: Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, extraversion, Gauquelin sectors, ordinary people, non-verbal tes
Publication: Correlation journal of research into astrology
Issue: Vol. 5 Number 2
Dated: 1985
Pages: 25-32

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