Cosmic influences: a new proposal

Author: Douglas, G.
Abstract: In this article the author points to an unmet requirement in any theory of inheritance of astrological planetary placings in diurnal space. For any characteristic to be heritable it must confer a selective advantage on the organism carrying it. While it seems difficult to understand why children should acquire greater survival ability from inheriting personality traits from their parents the picture is very different when the modern concept of inclusive fitness is used in combination with a systemic view of the family group. With these more advanced concepts a new hypothesis is derived relating astro-inheritance to the new parameter of birth order of each sibling in a family. Some preliminary testing with a small data sample provides some confirming results, and unusually for astro-research the hypothesis can be tested without a null hypothesis. Contribution of further data samples are invited.
Keywords: Cosmic influences, genetics, inheritances, family, Character Trait Hypothesis
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology
Issue: Volume 20 Issue 1
Dated: 2001/2002
Pages: Pages 58 – 59

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