Mars effect uncovered in French sceptics’ data

Author: Ertel, Prof. Suitbert
Abstract: The French sceptics’ (CFEPP’s) test of Gauquelin’s Mars hypothesis with 1066 athletes’ birth data conducted from 1982 to 1993 purportedly showed negative results. I re-analysed this data and found positive indications of a Mars effect which were statistically significant. It turned out that the CFEPP’s attempted refutation of Gaquelin’s claim resulted from biased sampling (preponderance of low eminent athletes) and from biased data analysis (wrong chance expectancy, inferior sector definition, neglected eminence subdivision). The author doubts, however, that an ongoing worldwide spread of the sceptics’ message (“The “Mars effect” doesn’t exist”) will be affected by present counter evidence. Resistance to accepting uncomfortable hard facts is considered an urgent problem for sociologists of science.
Keywords: Gauquelin, Mars effect, CFEPP biased sampling, eminence
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2
Dated: Northern Winter 1994/5
Pages: Pages3 – 16

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