Distribution of culminating and risking degrees among the French population

Author: Didier Castille and Francis Santoni
Abstract: The breadown of the French population according to the culminating and rising degrees at the time of birth is strikingly uneven. Out of 56 million population, we show that the most frequently observed combination is Sun in Cancer with Leo rising (617,000 occurrences) versus the less frequently observed Sun in Saggitarius with Aries rising (155,000 occurrences). In a similar wein, it is estimated that 3 million French people living today are born with Pluto in their descendant, while 6 million of them are born with Pluto rising. A degree of disparity had been anticipated, but not to that extent. In this respect our study brings a valuable contribution. The results are disconcerting to both the statistician and the astrologer, and they lead to several questions. For instance, are these disparities taken into account in the samplings used by astrological research? Our study could also lead to the determination of a national astrological collective profile, refelcting the seasonality of births as well as astronomical factors.
Keywords: France statistics national astrological profiles Pluto
Notes:Original article in French. English language abstract taken from the original journal, with permission.
Publication: Le Cahiers du RAMS
Issue: 10
Dated: 2002 March
Pages: 19-41

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