Global Horoscopes

Author: Mike Wackford
Abstract: This paper concludes a 5-part review of horoscopy in the Polar Regions. The first four papers dealt almost exclusively with those regions, venturing to temperate and tropical zones only when it was necessary to compare and contrast sub-Polar features with phenomena peculiar to latitudes over 66½ North or South. This paper will now examine Equal houses at these latitudes and then, as its name suggests, take a broader view as we consider a number of issues that, due their non-Polar nature, were not previously discussed. This will help fulfil the overall purposes of the series, which have been to clear away some of the many misconceptions of circumpolar horoscopy, to examine the nature and viability of number of house systems and to establish which methods of house division can be successfully applied in the Polar Regions and therefore across the entire planet.
Keywords: Polar, horoscopy, latitudes, equal houses, house division
Publication: Correlation Journal of Research in Astrology
Issue: Volume 23 Number 1
Dated: 2005
Pages: 45 – 63

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