How Ertel rescued the Gauquelin effect

Author: Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom
Abstract: An endeavour was made by the two Gauquelins to show that excellence in certain professions could be related to planetary-day distributions within the birthdata. The suicide of Michel coincided with some particularly devastating criticisms from European and American sceptics groups, following the perception of certain flaws in his methodology. The suggestion that there might, after all, be some truth in the Gauquelin thesis arises from further data-collections made in the 1990s by the German emeritus professors Muller and Ertel. Birthdata collections of physicians, artists (painters) and athletes are here discussed.
Keywords: Gauquelin, sceptics, Muller, Ertel, physicians, artists, painters, athletes
Publication: Correlation Journal of Research in Astrology
Issue: Vol 23 Number 1
Dated: 2005
Pages: 34 – 44

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