Ilusions and explanations: the Gauquelin effeft and birth order

Author: Graham Douglas
Abstract: An attempt is made to explain the Gauquelin Effect as an artefact of real solar and lunar effects. At the time the author based his argument on the absence of variations in the strength of the Gauquelin Effect during conjunctions of antagonistic planets such as JU and SA. This seemed to imply that the planets had no direct influence on the birth process, however since then such effects have been found when planetary sector frequencies were plotted across the JU-SA conjunction cycle, (Douglas (2006)).
Although the author has moved away from the radical position that the planets have no influence except via their effects on the sun, this paper is still useful for its discussion of implications of planetary conjunction cycles, and for the preliminary presentation of data on the variation of birth freuqncies in the Gauquelin Professional datasets across the hours of the solar day, and across the lunation cycle. Table 1 reveals that while Painters and Musicians are born more frequently between midnight and 2.00 AM, with a subsidiary peak at 8-10 AM, there is a progressive shift to later birth times for Scientists and Actors/Politicians, still with 2 peaks. Sportsmen and soldiers have a single peak clustering around 6-10 AM.
These patterns were later used to support the belief that solar effects have been neglected in studies of the Gauquelin data, and that the variable of birth order may be another dimension of these phenomena. The solar influences were later seen as consistent with some rules of measuring planetary strength used in Greek and Roman times, but neglected by modern astrologers.
Keywords: Gauquelin, solar and lunar effects, Jupiter, Saturn, professionals
Publication: Correlation journal of research in astrology
Issue: Vol 24 Number 1
Dated: 2006
Pages: 33

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