Indicator for a role of synastry aspects in a “Gauquelin” sample of 2824 marriages (2)

Author: Ruis, Jan F.
Abstract: In part 1 of this article I reported a significantly high frequency of synastry aspects in married couples. In this article I present the results of a control experiment in which the birth dates of the couples have been shifted in time. I produced 16 control samples consisting of couples whose birth dates were shifted with a constant number of days backwards and forward in time. I found that the shifts rendered aspect totals which were not significant. Only small shifts (two days) produced results that were close or even slightly larger than the aspect total connected to the unshifted birth dates. So my conclusion was that the previously reported finding is not due to an artefact associated with the age differences between married partners.
Keywords: Gauquelin, married partners, synastry, aspects control
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 13 Issue 1
Dated: Northern Summer 1994
Pages: Pages 3 – 9

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