Is the scientific approach relevant to astrology: discourse for Key Topic 1

Author: Dean, Geoffrey and Mather, Arthur
Abstract: (1) Is the scientific approach relevant to astrology? Yes, but only to those parts testable by observation. No distinction between Material and Formal cuases is necessary. Thus to test whether a person fits his chart better than a control requires no causal assumpitons whatever. (2) Why are scientists and astrologers in conflict over whether astrology works? Mainly because they tend to look at different things. Scientists are mostly concerned with accuracy (controlled tests) whereas astrologers are mostly conerned with satisfaction (client acceptance). But accuracy is unrelated to satisfaction. So their views can conflict yet both can be right. In particular cases a more important reason on either side may be dishonesty, ignorance and arrogance.
Keywords: scientists, astrologers, accuracy, controlled tests, client acceptance, satisfaction
Notes:Please see also Commentaries on material in this paper which are contained in the same issue of the journal “Key Topic 1: commentaries” pages 19 – 44 and “Rejoinders” pages 45 – 53.
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 13 Issue 1
Dated: Northern Summer 1994
Pages: Pages 11 – 18

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