Month of birth and suicide: an exploratory study

Author: E. Salib
Abstract: All deaths occurring in North Cheshire, UK were logged by cause of death, and month of birth. In this period 502 individuals killed themselves. Suicides differed in months of birth from non-suicides to a highly significant degree (p<.01). Suicide from hanging was significantly more frequent in those born in September and July (p<.005). Those whose suicide was caused by a violent method were significantly more likely to have been born in Summer months. While astrological or planetary factors at time of birth were not considered as causal possibilities, such explanations are open to exploration.
Keywords: Month of Birth, Suicide, Hanging
Notes:This paper adds to a growing literature, of interest for astrological research, on month or season of birth, and psychopathology
Publication: International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
Issue: 6 (1)
Dated: March, 2002
Pages: 39-44

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