Perceptions of Divination in the Astrological Consultation: A Pilot Study

Author: Anthony Thorley
Abstract: Taking the proposal that all astrology is divination as a basic hypothesis, this pilot study explored the phenomenology and experience of divination during the consultation between the astrologer and the client. The study collected qualitative data in ninety-minute taped interviews with six experienced astrologers. The in-terview schedule was semi-structured so as to allow the subjects to explore their experiences at length. The results showed a very rich and varied experience of divinatory features with altered states of consciousness in the consultation being common. All the subjects acknowledged that divinatory processes play a part in astrological practice. The high level of use of intuitive processes reported in the interviews led to a sample of astrologer delegates at an Astrological Association conference being given a short questionnaire asking them about the use of intuition in their practice. 80% of a 26% sample of 246 delegates often used intuitive processes in their astrological work and 20% did not. The results of this pilot study are discussed in terms of the current literature and the possibility of further work to test the hypothesis.
Keywords: astrologyo, divination, pilot study, phenomenology, client, intuitive processes, intuition, practice
Publication: Correlation
Issue: 24 (2)
Dated: 2006/2007
Pages: 5 – 33

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