Personality and sun sign

Author: Kelly, I., Professor and Saklofske, D., Professor
Abstract: Ten scientific studies of the correlation between sun sign and the Eysenck personality dimensions, Extraversion and Neuroticism are briefly reviewed. Four produced positive results and for statistical or methodological reason, even these are not clealry supportive of the hypotheses tested. Smithers’ 1981 study is examined and found to be methododologically flawed.
Keywords: Astrology, methodology, personality, prior knowledge, sun sign
Notes:See also Smithers, A. “Rejoinder to Kelly and Saklofske: to explain and explain away” ( Correlation Vol. 2 Issue 1, June 1982, pages22 – 27)
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research into Astrology
Issue: Volume 2 Issue 1
Dated: June 1982
Pages: Pages 17 – 21

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