Planetary influences: an empirical study of the accuracy of “ancient” astrologers’ keywords

Author: Gauquelin, Michel
Abstract: A study of the accuracy of “ancient” astrologers’ keywords on planetary temperaments is reported, using astrological material different from that used by Francoise Gauquelin in her study (Traditional Symbolism in Astrology and the Character traits method, LERRCP, Paris, 1980). The astrology of “ancient” authors who lived in Elizabethan times or before was tested. Its accuracy was evaluated using 50,000 character traits systematically collected from the biographies of 2000 successful subjects. Results strongly suggest that “ancient” astrologers are doing as well as the modern ones. The results seem to vinidicate the idea that the origin of the astrological planetary temperaments is very old and probably far more ancient than the “ancient” astrological keywords investigated.
Keywords: astrologers’ keywords Gauquelin character traits sun moon venus jupiter saturn diurnal distribution
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association research journal in astrology
Issue: Volume 2 Issue 2
Dated: December 1982
Pages: Pages 4 – 11

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