Polar meridians

Author: Michael Wackford
Abstract: The first part of this series (Wackford 2000/2001) was written as a one-off paper concerned only with the trigonometric determination of the angles in a circumpolar horoscope. As such it did not fully explore issues of upper and lower culmination, leaving instead an open question that will now be addressed. This paper continues examination of the semi-arc system (North 1986, Wackford 2002/3b), its applicatioin in the Polar regions and relationships between this method and the diurnal and seasonal cycles.
Keywords: polar regions, circumpolar horoscopy, semi-arc system, Campanus, Regiomontanus
Publication: Correlation Journal of Research in Astrology
Issue: Volume 21 Number 2
Dated: 2003
Pages: pp 22-36

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