Scrutinizing Gauquelin’s character trait hypothesis once again

Author: Ertel, Prof. Suitbert
Abstract: Gauquelin maintains that the correlation between birth frequencies of eminent people and the position of planets at the time of their births arre due to some hereditary readiness. According to this view specific responsiveness of professions to the planets is associated with character dispositions, in support of which M and F Gauquellin provided empirical evidence by extracting trait expressions from biographies. Using more rigorous controls, the author, with help from a research student, tested for trait variation in biographies among groups of professionals having different planets in sensitive zones. Trait extractors did not know the planetary positions of the perosnalities to which the biographies were devoted. The character trait hypothesis was not supported. Previous positive rsults reported by M and F Gauquelin might be explained by not having excluded extraction bias arising from astrological knowledge and expectancies.
Keywords: character trait hypothesis, biography trait extraction, Gauquelin bias, planetary personalities
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association research journal in astrology
Issue: Volume 10 Issue 2
Dated: December 1990
Pages: Pages 3 – 19

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