Sex difference in response to stress by lunar month: a pilot study of four years’ crisis-call frequency

Author: N. Kollerstrom and B Steffert
Abstract: The study is in response to the question of whether the moon can influence daily levels of stress. Method: 4 years of telephone call frequency data were obtained from a single crisis-call centre. We used the method of lunar day numbers 1 to 29 for analysis. We also tested the concept of “strong moons” as occurring when the Sun was near to the lunar-node axis. Results: an increase in calls was recorded from females and a decrease in calls by males during the new moon period, suggesting a sex difference in response, and there were proportionally more calls by males a fortnight later. A comparable swing in the nale/female call-ratio on a weekly basis over Fridays and Saturdays was noted. Limitations of staffing at the call centre prohibited comment on seasonal correlations. Conclusion: lunar related studies of stress should endeavour to separate the data by sex or the effect can be lost. Distress calls by women were more strongly linked to the lunar month than were those by men.
Keywords: moon, stress, health, lunar node axis, crisis calls
Publication: BMC Psychiatry
Issue: 3: 20
Dated: Dec 2003

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