Sun Sign and Discipline of Study

Author: van Rooij, J., Breedveld, S., Brinkman, H., Rietveld, Giedi, Westerndorp, K.
Abstract: The authors tested the astrological claim that positions of planets in astrological signs at birth are related to a choice for a specific professional career. The frequencies for the position of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in sign were assessed for 5174 psychology students and 3232 engineering students. The frequencies were compared with expected frequencies but no significant relation between sun sign and profession was found. Special attention was given to the calculation of the expected frequencies. This calculation is the cause of problems in research into astrology because one has to correct for astrological factors (the time when a planet remains in a sign is not equal for all signs) and for demographic variables (births are not distributed evenly over a year). When such a correction is made figures that are striking at face value do not prove to be statistically significant. These necessary, but rather complex, corrections often are overlooked and may explain the discrepancy between lay-people who believe in astrology and researchers who cannot find any empirical evidence for astrology.
Keywords: sun sign, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, profession, demographic variables
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association Journal of Research Into Astrology
Issue: Vlume 14 Issue 1
Dated: 1995
Pages: Pages 2 – 7

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