The Academy as an Archetypal Group Dynamic

Author: Liz Greene
Abstract: An academy is defined as a higher or specialised school, or a society for the promotion of science or art. Rooted in Plato¹s Athens and continuing through the Renaissance to the present day, the academy has always conjured images of a select group of scholars devoted to the exploration of what Plato called “the eternal realities”. But any such group constellates innate and archetypal tensions, not with the “outside world” but also with similar groups each of which may feel it has the “only” claim to knowledge, thus generating inevitable psychological repercussions, both problematic and creative.
Keywords: academy, renaissance scholars, Plato, psychological repercussions
Publication: Astrology and the Academy: papers from the inaugural conference of the Sophia Centre (published by C
Dated: 2004
Pages: 90 – 102

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