The accuracy of astrologers’ keywords: part II the origin of the planetary types

Author: Startup, Michael
Abstract: After outlining briefly a control study for the analysis presented in Part 1, this article discusses four theories fo the posssible origins of the planetary types. The first three theories are often upheld by astrologers, by their critics, or by both, but all of them, it is argued, are unsatisfactory as they stand. The fourth theory, which is new in some respects, is based partly on widely accepted historical data and partly upon speculations derived from scientific methodology. It is claimed that this theory makes it possible to construe the astrological enterprise, from its beginnings to the present, as far more rational than is usually supposed by astrologers and their critics alike.
Keywords: planetary traits, Babylonians, history of science, philosophy of science
Notes:See also Letters in the same issue, pages 48 – 49 “The Accuracy of Astrologers’ keywords”, Dr. Francoise Gauquelin and the author’s response pages 49 – 50.
Publication: Correlation: Astrological Association research journal in astrology
Issue: Volume 1 Issue 2
Dated: December 1981
Pages: Pages 24 – 36

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