The Astrological Ritual: A Phenomenological Study of Astrological Practice in Glastonbury

Author: John Wadsworth
Abstract: This paper documents my research into the working practices of astrologers and to discuss the methodology I have employed. For the purposes of this research, I have conducted in-depth, semi-structured interviews with practising astrologers based in Glastonbury in Somerset, all of whom work face-to-face with individual clients. I am attempting to ascertain how they approach their work, the steps taken in preparing for a consultation, the nature and extent of any ritualised activities undertaken in the process and the importance that they attach to these. Through this, I hope to discover something of the motivations behind the astrologers’ approach, what it is that astrologers consider they are doing and why, and the role they believe themselves to be playing in the client’s life.
Keywords: working practices, astrologers, clients, consultation methods, motivations, role
Publication: Correlation
Issue: 24(2)
Dated: 2006/2007
Pages: 34-56

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